NewsNational NewsEscalator Incident Raises Safety Concerns at Popular Bangna Department Store

Escalator Incident Raises Safety Concerns at Popular Bangna Department Store

In a recent incident that took place at a renowned department store in the bustling Bangna area, an escalator malfunctioned, causing damage. Fortunately, no injuries were reported. This incident has sparked concerns among locals, reminiscent of a similar occurrence at Don Mueang Airport, where safety issues came into question.

According to a reporter on the scene, an individual involved in the incident recounted their experience over the phone. It was revealed that a male customer was utilizing the escalator when the unexpected incident transpired. As he stepped onto the moving staircase, a sudden loud crash startled him. Turning his gaze, he was taken aback to witness the extent of the damage inflicted upon the escalator, as captured in the accompanying image.

Swiftly responding to the situation, the department store staff promptly cordoned off the affected area, employing barriers to prevent access and temporarily ceasing escalator operations. This precautionary measure was implemented to ensure the safety of customers until repairs and thorough safety checks could be conducted.

Instances like these highlight the significance of regular maintenance and adherence to safety protocols across public spaces. It is crucial for establishments to prioritize the well-being of their patrons by promptly addressing and rectifying any issues that may compromise their safety.

While this incident serves as a reminder of the potential risks present in public facilities, it is important to note that incidents of this nature are relatively rare. The majority of department stores and other public spaces in Thailand maintain high safety standards to provide a secure environment for their visitors.

Authorities and concerned parties are expected to conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of the escalator malfunction to prevent such incidents from recurring in the future. As the repairs and safety checks are completed, the department store management will resume normal operations on the affected escalator, reassuring customers that their safety remains a top priority.

The incident serves as a reminder for individuals to remain vigilant while utilizing public facilities and promptly report any irregularities or safety concerns to the appropriate authorities. Such collaborative efforts are vital in ensuring the continued well-being of the community.

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