NewsNational NewsPublic Health Ministry Authorizes Opium and Magic Mushrooms for Medical Use

Public Health Ministry Authorizes Opium and Magic Mushrooms for Medical Use

In a groundbreaking development, the Public Health Ministry has officially sanctioned the utilization of opium and magic mushrooms for medical treatment and research purposes. This pivotal decision, unveiled in a directive published in the Royal Gazette yesterday, marks a significant shift in drug policy.

Authored by Public Health Minister Cholnan Srikaew, the directive came into effect today, categorizing opium and psilocybin mushrooms – commonly referred to as magic mushrooms due to their hallucinogenic properties – as narcotics falling under Category 5. It’s important to note that these substances are distinct from marijuana and hemp extracts.

Previously, the ministry had removed kratom, marijuana, and hemp from the Category 5 list, retaining only opium, magic mushrooms, and marijuana and hemp extracts with a THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) level exceeding 0.2%.

According to reports from The Nation, the rationale behind this decision, as outlined in the directive, is to permit the medical consumption and research of drugs on the Narcotics Category 5 list, excluding marijuana and hemp extracts.

This significant move was made possible through the invocation of Article 24 and Article 58 of the Narcotics Code by the public health minister.

In parallel, the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine (DTAM) has launched an innovative initiative employing marijuana oil infused with high levels of CBD to combat drug dependency.

Dr. Thewan Thanirat, Deputy Director-General of DTAM, introduced the pioneering prescription, dubbed Karun Osoth. This concoction, a blend of coconut oil and CBD, is meticulously balanced to contain 10 milligrams of CBD per milliliter of coconut oil.

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