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Tragic Incident Unveils Devastating Collapse of Bridge Construction Site

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, a bridge construction site in the bustling area of Lat Krabang, Bangkok, became the epicenter of a catastrophe when the structure unexpectedly gave way, claiming two lives and leaving several injured. The incident was first brought to public attention when the Rama 199 Radio Center received an urgent notification from the Lat Krabang Fire and Rescue Station, reporting the collapse of the bridge that had been under construction in front of the renowned department store in the Lat Krabang area, along Luang Phaeng Road in Tab Yao Subdistrict.

Responding promptly, officials from the Lat Krabang Fire and Rescue Station rushed to the scene, accompanied by an advanced ambulance from Sirindhorn Hospital and a specialized team equipped to handle high bridge emergencies. Initial reports indicated a considerable number of casualties, emphasizing the need for immediate medical attention. Preliminary examinations revealed that the bridge collapse occurred in the midst of ongoing construction activities, with workers and heavy machinery present at the ill-fated location. Authorities swiftly mobilized relevant agencies to investigate the incident, simultaneously implementing safety measures to restrict access to uninvolved individuals in the surrounding area.

As the evening unfolded on July 10, 2023, reporters on the scene shared a startling discovery: a massive steel frame was found intertwined with the collapsed bridge. This finding shed light on the severity of the accident, as the weight of the steel structures caused the bridge to crumble, resulting in the tragic loss of lives and leaving workers atop the construction site in perilous circumstances.

Tragically, the catastrophe didn’t end there. The collapse of the steel structure and concrete bridge platform also had a domino effect, colliding with a nearby building and trapping multiple vehicles underneath the wreckage. Among the vehicles caught in the debris were those that had passed through the area prior to the incident, creating a harrowing situation for the trapped drivers and passengers.

At present, the reported death toll stands at two individuals, with preliminary indications suggesting that one of the deceased may be an engineer involved in the project. Numerous others sustained injuries and were swiftly transported to nearby hospitals for treatment.

Shedding light on the ill-fated project, it was revealed that the collapsed intersection bridge was part of a grand endeavor with a budget of 1.9 billion baht. The construction, which commenced in the year 2021, was set to be completed in just one more month. The elevated roadway project, spanning a length of 2,200 meters and boasting four traffic lanes, was intended to alleviate congestion on the On Nut-Lat Krabang Road, catering to a growing community and facilitating the movement of cargo trucks. The collapse occurred at a staggering height of approximately 20 meters, resulting in widespread destruction as beams and columns fell onto passing vehicles along On Nut-Lat Krabang Road, causing extensive damage and injuring both construction workers and innocent bystanders.

The ramifications of this tragic accident extended beyond human casualties. The collapse caused a disruption in the traffic flow of the surrounding area, with concrete rubble and twisted rebars scattering over a distance of approximately 300 meters. The scene resembled a landscape of destruction, underscoring the immense challenge that lay ahead for rescue and recovery operations.

This fateful incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks involved in large-scale construction projects. With investigations underway to determine the exact cause of the bridge collapse, it is imperative that thorough evaluations of construction sites are conducted to prevent similar tragedies in the future. As the community mourns the lives lost and supports those affected, the urgent need for stringent safety protocols in construction practices has become increasingly apparent.

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